Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theory – Finn’s Light Saber


Images courtesy of Lucasfilm, Bad Robot, and Walt Disney Films

Oh how the interwebs have started a buzzing again. Our first glimpse of Finn in the first trailer shows Bogeya as a Black man in Storm trooper garb. In the latest teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens we see what looks like Finn about to face off with Kylo Ren with a blue light saber that emits the same Blue similar to Luke Skywalkers. Hmmmm…..So who is Finn? We know little about him. Where did he come from? No last name has been revealed yet. Is he possibly a Calrissian, a Windu, a Skywalker, or even a Solo? Or is he just a character that had a light saber handy and decided to whip it out for this encounter. Rumors have also speculated that Episode VII revolves highly around Anakin/Luke’s light saber. Well let’s theorize.

  mace windu header

A Windu: Possibility – Low. I think I read somewhere that Jedi’s don’t have to be celibate but don’t want to have emotional attachments.

A Calrissian: Highly Likely. Lando seemed like a “player” in the series of films. Also, Luke lost his light saber and his arm in Cloud City. Odds are that Lando found it and passed it down to his son for some reason. Maybe to bring it back to it’s rightful owner?

luke VII

A Skywalker: Unlikely – Rumors have stated that Luke’s son will be in the movie however it is not Finn.


A Solo: Possibly. In the Star Wars Comic #6 by Marvel, Han Solo is married to Sana Solo. See picture. From what I read up on, the two are married in between episode VI and V.

Is Finn force capable or the correct “geek” term “Force Sensitive?” Is it possible that Finn is on the path to becoming a Jedi? Or is this all coincedence. Discuss…

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