Netflix Review – Daredevil


Images and video courtesy of Netflix, Marvel and ABC

Let me just start with “wow”. Wipe the Ben Affleck Daredevil from your memory and start watching this Netflix phenom. I’m only in 4 episodes and felt the need to write this review up. I’m hooked. Marvel has stepped up and away from their usual “PG” typecast productions and made a show that is dark and real world. The story is based on aftermath of the Avengers movie. New York is beat up and needs restoration. A group of criminal developers use this destruction to their advantage to rebuild the city in their own image which is not what everyone else is expecting. Matt Murdock is a blind attorney who opens a small practice with is friend Foggy Nelson to help those in need of results of the alien attack. Blinded as a child by a chemical spill while saving an old man crossing the street, Murphy’s other senses have strengthened to make up for his loss of sight. Attorney by day and vigilante at night Murdock plays hero/foe in both roles. Taking care of the citizens of Hells kitchen as an honorable attorney while beating the $%*t out of bad guys at night to bring normalcy back to his neighborhood. Matt Murdock brings a new flair to heroism by playing the soldier on the ground, that gets hurt, and has limited powers.

matt murdock kingpin  daredevil_ver6_xlg

 daretrue foggy

Daredevil is dark. Really dark. From Daredevil pummeling faces and snapping multiple bones on bad guys, to villains (One in particular whose name is never said on the show) Wilson Fiske – “The Kingpin” smashing victims heads into car doors until they fall off, it’s all here. Not the typical slapstick comedic Marvel that you know but in-depth dialogue, deep drama, and raw action. Each episode flows well together into a continued intertwining story that brings in new characters that make the show that much better. While watching this show there is no want for the Hulk or Iron Man to show up. It’s not needed nor necessary. This show shines on its own without the need for (super) superpowers or flying suits. This show is not short on stars either. We see Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Rosario Dawson and others adding to this gritty new series. The new Marvel/ABC and Netflix has created an awesome masterpiece with this show. I look forward to Netflix taking on other Marvel projects in the future.

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