GTA V Heists – Review – PS4


Images and video courtesy of Iamclosetgeek, Rockstar Games, and Sony

Finally……..sigh. Heists are finally available on GTA V. Players have been anxiously awaiting for its arrival. Was the wait worth it? After playing the first few missions, oh yeah. It’s good.

IMG_20150311_215346 IMG_20150311_211344 IMG_20150310_223956

Rockstar has come up with an inthralling and detailed way of incorporating heists into the online gameplay. You start off by getting a text that your apartment now has a heist room where you can go to review heist jobs. In this room you are given instructions on what your job will be. You can also suit up here in different types of gear to perform the job in, and assign each player a different task associated with the job. Once the mission starts in this same room you will prompted to set up the heist just like setting up jobs. Starting weapons, armor, difficulty, inviting friends, etc, is all done once the heist is initiated.

IMG_20150311_211333IMG_20150311_215417 IMG_20150310_223940 IMG_20150310_223946

Not to give too much away these jobs are very detailed and that’s what makes heists shine in GTA V online. Instructions are given in the heist room by your contact who goes over the job in detail. Tasks can be as simple/difficult as stealing the right car to perform the job, casing the location, or mini games to hack security. However, teamwork is one of the key factors in heists. One player may have to perform a certain task while another is doing something else to insure the success of completed said job. This method of teamwork has brought GTA V online to a whole other level.

IMG_20150310_223932 IMG_20150311_215338 IMG_20150311_215429

The key here is ultimately teamwork. Once you get the right people playing with you your success rate is increased. If one player screws up or does not do what they are assigned to do the heist mission is failed. Difficulty plays a big factor in completion. Attached below are a couple of YouTube clips from one of the jobs my team had to complete. I give heists a big A+. Shout out to Ken and all others who helped complete these heist missions.

IMG_20150311_215406 IMG_20150310_232623 IMG_20150310_223855

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