Battlefield Hardline Beta PS4


Image and video courtesy of Electronic Arts and Iamclosetgeek

“Wow, not bad for a beta!” – Those words pretty much sum my 1 hour and 30 minutes of playtime last night of Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer for the PS4. First Impressions. Load times were fast and the heist matches were mapped out to make challenging and exciting gameplay. I played heist for the full-time and did not try or felt the need to try any other game modes. I will give the others a go tonight. Gameplay was smooth, sound was excellent, all of the standard fanfare felt like playing a new and improved Battlefield 4. The only gripe I had with the beta was the download and installation times but that was expected. So far for a beta I really like it. The idea of a criminals vs police rivalry is a cool concept to incorporate into the Battlefield world. I enjoyed playing the beta and look forward to picking this up next month. Once I pick it up I will give a full review. Check out this short video of some heist mission game play by myself on the PS4.

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