A Trip To The Gun Range


This is a little off topic for the geek blog but this adventure was worth writing about. I have always wanted to go to the gun range and fire off some weapons. I had been invited numerous times and just never went. Not that I had no urge its just that guns were not my thing. I had experience shooting weapons in the Army, M16 – M60, grenade launcher, grenades, etc. but never fired a handgun or a shotgun. With the type of work that my wife does I felt that she should be carrying some sort of protection besides mace and felt that this would be possibly a perfect new hobby that the both of us may or may not enjoy. So, after a while my wife gave in. There have also been numerous reports of home invasions and assaults in the area, which may have influenced her decision to go. I believed that my wife should know how to handle a gun if I were to make a purchase.

20141101_091022  20141101_105021_001

A friend of mine was gracious enough to let us partake in his range day. He had experience teaching others, which was a big plus. Upon arriving to the range a rush of excitement came and increased through signing the release forms, putting on the proper ear protection and walking through the firing range door. We were greeted with loud bangs from one other person shooting. We choose to go early in the morning to avoid a multitude of noise and the embarrassment of being “Newbs” which was a good choice. Rich taught my wife some gun safety such as how to hold and position the gun while on the range. Rich then fired a couple of shots from his Glock and alarming it was very loud even with ear protection and intimidating. My wife took her first shot, put the gun down, and wanted to walk out. Rich and I then advised her to squeeze off a few more, taking her time, and becoming more comfortable. Eventually a monster was created. Shot after shot her aim, stance, and breathing improved with advice. She became so comfortable I had to wait about after 70 rounds had been fired before I had a go.


Then came my turn. Nervously I fired the first shot and instantaneously became comfortable after running through the first clip. It’s hard to describe the feeling but I have to admit it felt good. After we ran through all of Rich’s guns which included two Glock 9’s, an M&P Shield Nine, and a Sig Sauer P238 .380, the nice gentlemen beside us and his daughter who were firing a self loading shotgun and a magnum gave us the opportunity to try out his high powered weapons. We heard the loud blasts and watched him, which I think was the cue for letting us have a go at them. High caliber was a huge difference from the nines and 380 that we were shooting.

20141101_095052 _420141101_112445

All and all it was a great experience with my wife. We learned the power of a firearm, how to be safe with firearms, met new people, and most importantly how to use a gun. We also learned how important it is to fire different weapons to get a feel of what would be comfortable for range and carry. This is definitely a hobby that my wife and myself can enjoy together and would recommend to anyone who has had an interest give it a go. We will be going again for sure.

Below are a couple of instagram vids that I put together of our time at the range. I would like to thank Rich Acevedo and Oak Ridge Gun Range in Orlando for having us out.


2 thoughts on “A Trip To The Gun Range

  1. Welcome to the gunny community !
    It is a great place, filled with fabulous people. Your experience at the range with someone allowing you to shoot their guns is not rare; it is very common.

    Sounds like you had a great instructor which is very important for a beginner. Congrats on both of you doing so well and getting off to a great start.

    Bob S.

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