A Quick Review – Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians jail

Image courtesy of Marvel

What can I say about this movie……Well done Marvel. Going in I knew only a splurge about Guardians of the Galaxy and you know what? That’s what made this movie great. It had it all. Good story, action, and a lot of well thought out and funny comedic scenes. A few easter eggs were laid out here and there including the usual “Where is Stan Lee” portion and a few others. Including the guy playing Galaga in the Avengers. Not knowing much about the characters or story as with other Marvel films made this movie what it was. A new masterpiece in being different, interesting, action filled, and funny as hell. True Guardians fans may disagree but I would definitely recommend checking this one out. If you can, dish out for the IMAX 3D experience it was well worth it.

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