What is Terminus? My Point of View.


Images courtesy of AMC, The Following, and Image Comics

Well this season seems like it’s going to finish up pretty well. So far the second half has been good with the epic Lizzie/Mika episode. At this point we have all our remaining characters heading to Terminus, but what awaits them. We see a new character welcoming them in with open arms and telling them to come and relax while we fix you a plate.


Hmmmmm. This right here is where my opinion comes in.


If you don’t read the comic I advise that you stop reading. A few things have come in line with the comic in this season. Lizzie and Mika = Ben and Billy.

ben and billy lizzie-y-mika

Beth being “supposedly” kidnapped and put in a car with the big cross on the back. Could this be the Priest.

Gabriel_Stokes the priest

The introduction of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.

abraham Issue_53 abraham

Daryl’s new buddies. Could this new group “The Marauders” actually be “The Hunters” which do some horrible things in the comic book. Even though they didn’t eat the guy they beat down maybe it’s one of the “group rules.”

the mauraders

All these events leading up to the finale and Terminus. I think Terminus is a haven for the Hunters which are a group of cannibals. Makes sense to me. Coax people into a safe haven where I don’t have to go out and hunt for food. My food comes to me.

Who knows. The writers of the show keep us comic book heads on our toes with different outcomes. As you know, with a finale a death is eminent. Who will die? Tyrese’s head should have been on the ground at the prison and not Hershel’s.


I guess we will find out Sunday, March 30th when The Walking Dead airs.


Just found this pic.


Just kidding. This is from another TV show that Emily kinney was in. “The Following”

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