On To The Next One – Yamaha TW200 Build – Teaser


Yes, the Honda Ruckus has been sold. I do miss my scoot but crave more power and did not want to go from GET to the GY6 route. (This means from 49cc to 150cc for the non ruck crowd). After an exhausting wait for a Honda Grom a friend of mine that I ride with mentioned a dirt bike that is popular for street conversion in Japan. Once I saw the suggested Yamaha TW200 my interest grew just as it did when I first saw a Honda Ruckus.



The direction I want to go in


How it sits as of now Lol


Good thing about this bike is that it has not changed much in over 20 years. Only a front disc brake and removed kick starter are the significant ones. This should be an interesting build and I will update as the build commences. Keep posted.

Update – This build is going slow as anything but I have managed to knock out a few things. First things first. The bike runs fine but I hate the color on this thing. The first attempt of change was to strip the tank and run it bare metal. So, I applied some trusty airplane stripper and as you can see below the tank is stripped.

tank stripping

tank stripping1

wetsand tank

tank stripped

tank stripping final

After knocking out the tank the frame color had to go too. I was going to powdercoat but decided to rattle can as I can foresee the bike being dropped a few times. Once i’m content and ready to shell out the bucks for powder I will get it done. Here is how the T Dub stands as of now in a nice satin black.

bike color

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