My thoughts – Review on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9


Images courtesy of AMC

Alas, The Walking Dead has returned and with a good mid season opener to boot in IMO. I was in joy when we got a glimpse of Michonne’s past and Carl trying to survive on his own. Mainly because it was reminiscent of the comic. As always, no spoilers will be purposely revealed in this review.


We start the episode with Michonne wandering around the aftermath of the prison with no direction. She comes across Hershel’s head and ensures that he does not turn. Almost identical to the comic book but Hershel’s head is on the ground instead of someone else’s. “Hint hint. Read the comic. “ Michonne battles her demons in the episode and finally seems to accept the losses that she has taken throughout this time by the end of the episode.


Carl on the other hand has a big problem with Rick and takes it upon himself to prove that he can ultimately survive in this new world without his dad. Carl soon learns that he can survive but would be better off with Rick around at his side, even though Rick has become overly protective. This is resolved with a nice talk by the end of the show and one of the simplest, nicest endings that I have ever seen on The Walking Dead. All on all I would have to say well done to the director of this particular episode. I got my comic storyline taste “closely followed by Carl’s story – i.e. Luring the zombies and Rick reaching for him” with a little hint of Michonne and Rick. I look forward to the rest of the season and was told that the most controversial episodes are soon to come before the season ends per a coworker explaining a recent interview with Andrew Lincoln did back in December. The end of season 4 sounds promising.

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