Coin – The high tech creation in credit card organization

coin_card_back-565x288Images and video courtesy of Coin YouTube

If you are like me I dislike carrying around a bunch of cards. Debit, credit, gift, medical whatever. It makes my wallet bulky. A new start up company has created a credit card device that can store information for up to 8 cards. Coin can be used wherever any major credit cards are accepted. The device has a small display that allows you to select which card you would like to use with said merchant. Coin reads like any other credit card. Your cards are synched up with Coin through a mobile app on your phone. If you were to leave your card somewhere a notification would be sent to your phone and the card becomes inactive automatically. Pretty cool huh. Coin is about the size of a regular credit card, is water resistant, cannot be skimmed, and has a battery life of about two years. Coin is expected to be available in Summer of 2014. For more information about Coin checkout the video below. Also attached is a link to the Coin site.

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