Issues Playing GTA V Online

gtavonline1image courtesy of Rockstar Games

After arriving home on 10-01-13 I promptly started up my PS3 to ensure GTA V was updated and ready to go for online mode while settling in for the night. After creating my Online Persona I immediately tried to join a session and was refused after about 10 tries with “Failed to host a GTA online session” error message every time. A quick Google of the Rockstar support page displayed numerous comments from angry gamers, such as, “worst online launch ever”, “This could have been prevented months ago”. Some people have even reported losing their save progress from single player. This list goes on and on.  As this was expected from a previous disclaimer from Rockstar Games and the popularity of the game I could not get that mad about it. I was disappointed but will give a try tonight. Give it time my friends. This GTA V online world will be changed and updated with new content to make the experience and replay value more enjoyable for everyone.

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