Honda Grom/MSX 125 – Coming soon to the United States



Images courtesy of Honda, RPG, MSXThai, Solomoto, and YouTube

There has been a big buzz in the Honda Ruckus community this past week about a new toy coming to join the ranks of the Ruckus. That toy is the Honda Grom. Known as the Honda MSX 125 elsewhere worldwide this bike is reminiscent of a smaller motorcycle.


The Grom packs a 125cc, 4 speed transmission with clutch, which is great for new riders and a fuel injected engine that pushes about 10hp.


Front and rear disc brakes on twelve inch wheels will help stop its weight of about 225lbs. The seat sits off the ground at about 30 inches and the rear sits on a single shock. The Grom will be available sometime in August in either your choice of red or black. Yellow and White will not be available in the U.S.

grom top

Two videos are attached below for your viewing pleasure. One featuring stunt rider Nick Apex Brocha and one of an RPM dual exhaust. Yes, I smell plenty o’ mods a coming.


Link to Honda Powersports –

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