The Walking Dead Mid Season Premiere (Opinionated) Review


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Well….not much to review here. I found the midseason premiere “The Suicide King” to be an “O.K.” comeback episode with just a few opinionated gripes. As always, even though I am up to date in the comic book there will be no spoilers.

The Cons:

Lori’s ghost or what seems to be Lori’s ghost: Rick definitely seems to be going out of his mind with the premiere ending as Lori appears above Rick. This dude needs to take an hour or so nap to clear his mind and get some rest. He has been going non-stop since he came out of his coma. This display of sudden insanity may put an end to his rule – “The Ricktatorship.”


Andrea: Andrea is starting to get on my nerves. She is gullible and always seems to make dumb decisions since arriving at Woodbury. Even though she now knows what’s going on in Woodbury she still is in the governor’s corner. C’mon Andrea. No suspicions at all? Comic book Andrea trumps TV Andrea big time.

The Governor: Meh… It was like he didn’t feel like acting this episode. I feel a war about to brew and Rick needs to get his act together and group prepared.


Tyrese: It’s time Tyrese nips this taking over the prison from the other members of his group idea in the bud. I realize he does not know Rick but he has been shown a generous amount of hospitality from the rest of the group. It kind of sucks that Tyrese’s first impression of Rick may be sketchy since seeing an outburst of mental instability. Tyrese is a leader himself. Could he step into Rick’s place until the madness quells?


Michonne: Rick not allowing her back into the prison/group was kind of cold. Even though she has not really shared anything with them and they don’t have any reason to trust her, Michonne did bring them to Glen and Maggie. I’d be pissed and silent too if you were going to let Merle go after being hunted and shot by him. Michonne is tough, always on guard, and untrusting too. It may be time for her to start communicating a little.

The Pros:

merle darryl

Merle and Daryl. These two are a vital part of the TV show. (They are not in the comic.) We got a chance to see Merle be the immediate A-hole yet funny at the same time that he is and Daryl side with his brother. Although it was a tough decision for Daryl, family does come first. Real family that is. I’m going to miss those sarcastic comments from these two till they return and I am sure they will. Did you see Daryl snatch his Crossbow back? Awesome!!

Glen. After all he has been through he had the right to stomp out that zombies head.


Herschel, Carl, Carol, Beth, and Axel. Even though their parts were short they were sweet and to the point. Carl and Axel asking where Oscar was, Carol asking about Daryl, Beth giving Rick his child to hold, and Herschel telling Rick to start trusting people again were all key “humane” parts contributing to this episode.

All in all, good episode. But I was expecting a “climb” after the suspenseful ending last year. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Mid Season Premiere (Opinionated) Review

  1. Well, I found this episode, like the two that preceded it, lacking. There is a lot of bad writing going on this season, and a lot of bad plot holes are forming. Overall I’m glad the creative director got canned mid season and we will get a new feel after a few more episodes. That said, I do agree with all the points made above. Herschel was my favorite in the whole episode. Well done.

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