Old comic book lovers Review – The Superior Spider-man #1


Images courtesy of Marvel Now

I recently got back into buying comic books again after a trip to the local store with a coworker. Other than The Walking Dead, Spiderman is the only other comic that has been prevalent in my collecting. Upon hearing the news that Spiderman was now dead and Doctor Octopus had possession over his body and powers my curiosity peaked. I had not bought any Spiderman’s since the 90’s ala the Carnage series and did not want to catch on back issues or series I figured I would give this new world of Spiderman a go. If you did not know already Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman series) is dead. Doctor Octopus who was close to death somehow took over the web crawler’s body and now possesses his body, some memories of Parker and his traits. Doc Ock still has his own mind and memories.  He wants to uphold Parkers ways but on an advanced level hence the series title The Superior Spiderman.

Not to give any spoilers I thought the first issue was interesting and will invoke a buy of issue 2. Doc Ock battles with his mind to uphold the ways of Parker by being the hero yet still is set in his Doc Ock mindset. There is a comical scene were Doc Ock encounters a robbery performed by the new Sinister Six and starts to get fired upon and says pretty much “F” it and runs off. Doc Ock also contributes his inventions to his role of Parker, which he also has a problem with Parker getting the credit for and not him (Doc Ock.) You can see the presence of Doc Ock show with rudeness, arrogance and an uncaring attitude that is often bitten with a corrective Parker memory of what Spiderman stands for. Ryan Stegman is the artist for this series and Dan Slott writes the dialogue. After finishing issue one I see myself becoming a collector again at least of this series. It is a fresh idea and the plot is interesting. So, if you were once a fan of Spiderman pick up issue one. If you don’t like where the story is going at least you have a possible future collectors item. 

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