Sony’s “See The Future” teaser trailer sparks interest of possible upcoming Playstation 4


Images and video courtesy of Techbeat and Sony

Recently Posted on the site is a video trailer which teases the eye with schematics of the familiar symbols associated with the Playstation controller. The video states “be the first to know” with a date of February 20th 2013. Could this be the next console that we have been waiting for? With Microsoft unveiling the new Xbox soon and Nintendo already in the market with the WiiU its time for Sony to make its mark after almost 7 years. My opinion, the Playstation 3 is still an awesome game system. It’s going to have to take a killer game and console to create enough interest for me to make that dive. If GTA V were being released for the “4” that would have made the console a definite buy for me. What can we expect from this console? A touchscreen, backwards compatibility, we will have to wait till the 20th to find out. Teaser Video is attached below.

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