Honda Ruckus Build – Project Jaffa Cake

What’s up peeps. Your probably wondering why my posts have been absent the past couple of months. Well, the content of this post is the reason why. After a buddy of mine Picked up a 2011 Honda Ruckus he got me started on da Ruckus Feva as they call it. After looking at and drooling over the various ruckabilities for months I finally caved in and purchased a 2011 Orange ruck, hence the project name “Jaffa Cake” Here’s a pic of it at home day one.
What the hell is a “Jaffa Cake” you ask. Im a Jamaican Brit and Jaffa cakes is a biscuit “cookie” that I used to love eating as a kid growing up in London. I would rinse through a box of Jaffa Cakes in 10 mins flat blud.  As you can see the color of the biscuit resembles the color of the scoot. You get me?
So here she is stock….
And let the modding commence.
below is a video of the partial build with pending mods to come.
Here is the final product, so far…….It seems this thing will never be done.
After the video I Lamin X’d the headlights
Got an NCY gas tank cover and shaped it up a bit
Got tired of the headlights and bought a used fisheye. Repainted it orange. Im going to try out a “Cool white” LED instead of the halogen. I will post pics when it comes in.
Next will be an extension which I have put on my Xmas list.

UPDATE: 5-30-12
My ruckus has had some dramatic changes made to it. 


If you would like to see these changes check out my post on our sister site in the blog posts tab. You can also see pics on While your there, “like” the page

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