Movies That Look Worthy – Attack The Block – Redband Trailer

Images and Video Courtesy of Studio Canal and YouTube/zombiemovietube

I used to grow up in one of these council estates, ( a fancy English word for “Projects” for you non – Brits) as a child in South London. Attack The Block looks like an interesting concept of an alien invasion in one of the more poorer areas of London. Just watching this trailer brings back a lot of memories of my hometown “Souf London.” The trailer is filled with tons of typical South London speech/accent/slang which is a mix of Jamaican Patois and English Cockney popular in this area. “Blood, bruv, you get me, cuz, innits, and tings” will mystify and entice the ears of those familiar and unfamiliar with this type of speech. Attack The Block is brought to you from the same people who created Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the recent funny as hell alien movie Paul. The movie also stars the comical Nick Frost from these films. From what I have read in the reviews online, the film brings to light some of the issues of what is going on in London in the youth community with the recent rioting. Anyways, can’t wait to check it out. Looks like it will be pretty different. Enjoy the trailer.
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