Review – Olympus EPL1 – Leather Skin by JnK Handworks

I love my Olympus EPL-1 camera. It boasts great performance in a micro 4/3rds and also has an old school look to it. While thumbing through Ebay one day I found an awesome leather skin to give a true vintage camera look. The company that makes these skins, JnK Handworks based in China was kind enough to send me a sample to apply to my camera and review. 

Shipping was fairly quick as a received the skin in about a weeks time in a small brown envelope. The following contents came in the package. Note the attractive packaging. 

This is a standard shot of the camera without the skin applied. Nice, but not as nice with the skin on.

Here are some shots with the skin applied. As you can see it gives the camera a more aged look. 

Jnk Handworks offers these skins in multiple colors including black, red, yellow, green, purple, white, orange, mint, baby pink, and ivory for 15.99 shipped. 

A link is attached below to their store on eBay.

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