Late Review – Nintendo 3DS

After a few sales on EBay of no longer used items, I finally made the dive and purchased a Nintendo 3DS as a graduation present to myself. Stemming reviews of a subpar handheld system I must say I’m quite impressed with this unit.

The design is similar to the previous Nintendo handheld, the DSI, however the 3D aspect of the unit makes it standout. The unit is somewhat comfortable in the hands depending on their size. Everything is easily accessible including the directional pad, analog stick, a, b, x, y buttons, select, home, start buttons; L and R top buttons, and the 3ds slider. The only gripe I have is that the L and R buttons are slightly small and difficult to press while playing in the heat of a game such as Street Fighter IV. The touchpad however eliminates the need for the shoulder buttons with a quick reconfiguration in the game settings.  The stylus also may be too well hidden. One often will have to look for the stylus by turning over the 3DS rather than just feeling for it. The touch pad is very responsive even without the use of the stylus and just the use of ones finger.

What stands out for the 3DS naturally is the 3D glasses free display. The images are sharp, and the 3D display is absolutely amazing. This not only goes for 3DS games, this includes 3D videos and trailers via the Nintendo store, the 3D camera built into the 3DS, and the augmented reality games. The 3D trailer for The Green Lantern and soon to come 3DS games were incredible.  To view 3D the 3DS must be held at a straight on viewpoint about 1 to 1 and half feet from your face to be enjoyed. If the player veers even a little out of sync the 3D grandeur is lost. If you can’t handle long viewing or playtime in 3D the 3D slider can be turned down to some 3D or a complete 2D view. The 3DS also recently has including web browsing and maybe Netflix compatible shortly.

Current titles for the Nintendo 3DS are subpar with the exception of Street Fighter IV and the newly released Zelda which is simply a joy to play and will keep you entertained for hours. The including Face Raiders and the AR card games are incredible innovative and fun. Also the new release of the Nintendo store has yielded great downloadable content including a 3DS version of the classic Excitebike.

With a fresh list of upcoming titles, backwards compatibility, and an awesome ability to play 3D games glasses free; the 3DS is a decent handheld system that will hold me over until the release of the Sony Vita. The 3D aspect may be seen as a gimmick to some but it’s a gimmick that has caught me in Nintendo’s web for now. Who will be king? Sony Vita or the Nintendo 3DS?

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