Review – X-Men First Class

Images and video courtesy of 20th Century Fox, Marvel, and YouTube/Marvel
X-Men First class is a strong film that surpasses the last two flops, X-men origins: Wolverine and X-men: the last stand and gives us hope that Marvel is back on the right track. 

The premise of the film starts off where the original X-men movie began with Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) being separated from his mother at a Nazi concentration camp. Erik’s powers catch the interest of camp doctor played by Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw) who takes Erik and molds his abilities on the premise of torture. We also see the humble beginnings of Charles Xavier (Professor X) played by James McAvoy as a brilliant child who has the power of telepathy and Raven Darkholme (Mystique) who has the ability to morph.  Not to give away too much of the film, it’s set in the 1960’s during the beginning of the cold war. Erik is rancorous and is looking to kill the man who tortured him. Charles Xavier is an aspiring professor at Oxford who has a way with the ladies by reading their thoughts, and Sebastian Shaw is power hungry and ready to rule the world. The three are brought together as Erik is hunting down Sebastian and Charles saves Erik’s life. A friendship is established and they team up to stop Sebastian’s plans. 

The film is definitely a must see if you are a X-Men fan. There are a ton of surprises, Ahhhhhh, and WTF moments in the film that are startling yet satisfying at the same time. All I can say is good job Marvel and go see this film. It was really worth it. 

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