British TV Review – Misfits

Images and video courtesy of Channel 4-E4 and YouTube/hcnelson137

Bring a Brit myself I love British T.V. The shows are funny, direct, and show you a side of a culture somewhat similar to television in the U.S. only being more edgy with plenty of cussing. Due to a recommendation from my sister in London, enter “The Misfits” a somewhat new and edgy superhero drama sitcom that contains a lot of violence, nudity, blood, and humor.  The show is based on a group of delinquents that have been sentenced to community service. The group is struck by an odd lightning storm one day while fulfilling their duties. The bands of misfits soon realize gradually through each episode that they have super abilities and learn how to use them.  Don’t conceive that this show is like “Heroes”; this group does not always use their new abilities for good. 

What I really like about this show is that the premise of the beginning is more or less a story of what each misfit is facing in their lives prior to gaining their powers. Each character is different in their own way.

We have Curtis who was a track star bound for the 2012 Olympics who is sentenced for trafficking drugs. His power is the ability to move backward and forward through time.

Alisha is a beautiful, entitled, and snobby chica who is sentenced for a DUI. Her power is to make any person who touches her lust for her.

Nathan is an obnoxious, potty mouth and one of my favorites on the show who is sentenced for stealing some candy pick n mix and soda from a bowling alley. Nathan’s power is immortality and can also communicate with the dead.

Kelly is what you would call a misenfortuned individual based on the environment in which she grew up. She has a very heavy accent, sounds like a mixture of Derbyshire and Scouse, which I have always been fascinated by.  Kelly is sentenced for assault and battery on a female acquaintance. Her power is to read the thoughts of living creatures human or otherwise.

Simon is the looked down upon nerd and weirdo of the group. He is sentenced for Arson and has the power to make himself invisible.

I love this show. Each episode is fresh, unpredictable and funny. If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend checking it out. See the link below for the DVD from Amazon. You will need to play on a PAL format DVD player. Some clips are available on YouTube also. A trailer for the show is posted below also.

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