Music Review – The Emergent EcleKtic – Bobby Bovell

I’m real picky when it comes to my music. It’s rare that I have a whole album that I like and enjoy at least over 90% of its content. Usually there are present one or two tracks that I enjoy, but typically never more than that. But, every once in a while an album comes along that gets heavy rotation based on content. Enter “The Emergent EcleKtic” by Bobby Bovell. I’m not bigging up this album because Bobby happens to be my closest cousin while growing up and to this day, the album gets its due respect because as simple as it sounds…. It’s Good.

Bobby Bovell’s debut album is a hit in my opinion and is a rarity in this day and age. The album takes us through a journey of what seems to be Bobby’s views on God, the lives of others, and ultimately himself. The album contains a compilation of catchy melodies and narration/lyrics with genres ranging from R n B, hip-hop, dub/reggae, and pop.  I can defiantly hear an influence from my Uncle Dennis. Dennis (Blackbeard) Bovell is Bobby’s father and said to be one of the founding fathers of “Lover’s Rock” in London in the 70’s with his band Matumbi with whom Bobby toured with from time to time. The tracks “Rosie, known, The Way, Hiding, Love/Hate” and “Possible” are my favorites. Especially “Possible” as it seems like Bobby is singing to me directly about how we were as kids growing up in South London. 
“Possible” is a song that everyone can relate to growing from a child, into adolescence, then adulthood.

What I really like about Bobby’s album is that it is not just about himself individually and God but it is an album about everyone globally. Including the communities and environments we live in and how to improve them for all. A great album expressing love, hate, hardships, friendship, finding ones self, finding others, and God. This album is rightfully named “The Emergent Eclektic” as it is diverse, tasteful, and fresh. Album is banging cuzzo, keep up the good work.

Check out Bobby’s site at:
The Album is also available for purchase from Itunes, Amazon, Cdbaby, and Digstation.

Check a preview of the album below.

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