Review – Virtual DJ iremote for Iphone Ipad

Images Courtesy of Virtual DJ
The job of a DJ may seem like a glamorous one and to tell you the truth it is. However at times because of the DJ’s requirements they are unable to eat, grab a drink, talk to someone for a few seconds, or even go take a leak. The DJ needs to be in control to ensure that the music continues to play for the audience. I have a license for Virtual DJ for Mac and I love it. A professional license gives you access to everything the site has to offer including skins, sound effects/wavs, samples, and important updates. One of these updates has answered the dreams for most digital DJ’s. It’s the Virtual DJ iremote for the Iphone/Ipad and boy does it deliver.
So what’s so great about this app? The Virtual DJ Iremote app allows the user to sync their Iphone or Ipad to Virtual DJ and use the Iphone/Ipad as the controller remotely.  The app gives complete control for scratching, mixing, controlling volume, selecting effects, loading tracks, drum pad launch for samples, play/pause/loop controller, etc. This app does not give every single option that you may have on your main controller but it gives all the important ones a DJ may need if they need to step away for a second. The application/connection is secure and syncs wirelessly with the Virtual DJ program that is being used on the computer. An approval list is set up between your Iphone/Ipad and your computer to ensure that you are in control and not some idiot trying to ruin your gig.  Another benefit of the full license will give you access to a variation of skins available for the Iphone/Ipad some of which are user created that are then uploaded to the Virtual DJ site. This means that this controller can be used for anything depending on the skin.
The app works amazing. In the event one needs to step away from the booth for a few moments you cant beat the price on this product. The turntable effect works flawlessly, mixing is on point and it works for either format of sound or video. Keep in mind DJ’s that the concept of this controller is for momentary control and should not be used to DJ all night. That would be an insult to DJ’s.
If you have Virtual DJ and an Iphone/Ipad I would highly recommend picking up this app. It will make your job a little bit easier when you have to step away from the booth. The Virtual DJ is downloadable free if you have the full license or can be purchased from the Apple store for 9.99

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