My Top 5 Commercial Picks For Superbowl 2011

Videos courtesy of Youtube, Bridgestone, Chevy, Doritos, and Volkswagen.

Ahhhh the Superbowl. The one event where everyone gets together to watch two teams battle it out for greatness, sometimes get a worthy halftime performance, and the best part of the Superbowl.
The commercials. These are my top five picks for 2011.

Number 5

Bridgestone Karma – A beaver saves a drivers life. Pretty Creative.

Number 4

Ms Evelyn – Chevy – Two guys talk about making a Chevy commercial

Number 3

Doritos. The best part – You have to see this for yourself

Number 2

Volkswagen – Black beetle – Creative commercial

Volkswagen – The Force – This by far my favorite. The kids expression in the end (Even though he has on a Darth Vader mask) is hilarious.

Yeah, the pickings this year were kind of weak. However, nothing can still top my favorite from last year. Later peeps.

Doritos – Boy slaps man – Classic

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