Netflix Worthy – Exit Through the Gift Shop

Photos and trailer courtesy of Paranoid Pictures and YouTube

I don’t usually do documentaries. But thanks to a tip from a school friend, “Jason Goler”, I found a film that was terribly entertaining. Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary based on the world of street art. The film starts with Thierry Guetta, an emigrant from France who owns an antique clothes shop in Los Angeles.

Thierry has a strange addiction for filming things “ALL THE TIME.” Theirry ends up visiting a cousin in France (the infamous street artist “Space Invader”) and films him one day making one of his famous mosaics. 
From that point Theirry becomes infatuated with street artists and starts to document their antics on film. The documentary spans ten years in different countries and involves plenty of famous street artists including Shepard Fairey, inventor of the Barack Obama “Hope” image and London’s well famous but infamous street artist “Banksy”
To me this film was very interesting and kept me wanting to see more. The film could have included a bit more “taggers” Some were in the film like Neckface and Swoon but it wouldn’t of hurt to show more of these talented artists. The surprising thing about this film is the conclusion. It’s an ending that’s unexpected and because of this it made the documentary that much more enjoyable to watch. No spoilers as usual.
If you like street art, graffiti, and a good laugh here or there, I highly recommend checking this film out. The film was just nominated for an Oscar. “Banksy” is the man. 

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