Movie Review: The Town

Images and Trailer Courtesy of Warner Bros and YouTube
I will tell you right now I’m not a big Ben Affleck fan. If I had to choose a movie with either himself or Matt Damon, I would side with Matt Damon’s. However “The Town” has changed my entire view of Ben Affleck’s acting and Directing. The film is based in Charlestown, Massachusetts that is just outside the city of Boston, and supposedly, the home to the most armored car and bank robbery aficionado’s of the United States. 
Charlestown’s crime scene is the basis of this film with Ben Affleck playing Doug MacRay, a bank robber that has followed in his father’s footsteps. Doug is good at what he does but throughout the film you learn that Doug is done with this kind of life and wants to turn it around for the “bettah.” Yes, this film is filled with tons of dropped R’s or “ahhhhs.” Lol.  As usual I will leave it at that (no Spoilers.)
The cast includes Chris Cooper who plays Doug’s father “Stephen MacCray” known from The Bourne Identity, Syriana, and The Kingdom. Jeremy Renner Plays Doug’s friend and partner in crime “James Coughlin”, known from The Hurt Locker, 28 Weeks Later, and S.W.A.T. And Rebecca Hall as the bank manager “Claire Keesey” known from The Prestige and Frost/Nixon.
The cast, acting, action and story are all great in this film and I highly recommend picking it up. 

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Town

  1. "The Town is trash through and through, but I have to admit that I liked the beginning, with the aerial/ground shots of Boston's Charlestown section, as well as the beginning bank heist, but "The Town" went from being okay to being just plain awful in a matter of minutes, especially when the Doug/Claire romance scenes appeared.

  2. The Town left me rooting for the cops and the FBI, especially Agt. Adam Frawley and wanting them to catch Doug MacRay and his men, send them to jail for their crimes, and to have Claire criminally prosecuted herself for being an accessory to Doug's crimes, tipping him Doug off with a "sunny days" code and enabling him to elude the law, or at least put on some sort of probation for her bullshit. I sympathized with Claire at first, because she was the victim of an armed bank robbery, which wasn't her fault, but lost sympathy for her when she not only got involved in a romance with Doug, but refused to sever contacts with him even after she learned through Agt. Frawley who Doug MacRay really was, .. Unlike most people, who are sympathetic with Ben Affleck's character in that film, and with Claire, I am not. Why should I be sympathetic to Doug or Claire? The idea that Doug MacRay wanted to change and redeem himself through Claire is bullshit, especially after he engaged in vigilantism by taking the law into his own hands and gunning down Rusty and Fergie just because they threatened Doug's girl Claire with physical harm. Come on now! Doug MacRay's a criminal, not the decent guy he came across as when he and Claire met "by chance" in a C-Town laundromat.Doug MacRay, like his friends and partners in crime, are not only skilled, disciplined and ruthless in their quest for quick money through parasitic behaviors such as armed robbery, and who'd kill or seriously injure peoplel if they're considered obstacles to what they want, but Doug knows how to come across as a nice guy. He may not be crazy like his best friend , Jem, but he's a sociopath and a person of unprovoked violence just the same. The fact that he came across as a nice, charming guy and deceived Claire by pretending to be upstanding is more than disgusting…it's part of his criminal behavior. As for Claire, the fact that she took Doug's bait and rose to it is pathetic indeed.If Doug had really wanted to change, he would've turned himself and his guys in, come forward, negociated with the Feds for some protection for him and Claire, and stopped robbing banks once and for all. Doug left for Florida without Claire for two reasons: A) Doug macRay was an armed felon and wanted fugitive who'd been on the lam from the law for quite awhile, plus he'd just killed Fergie and Rusty.B) Doug had gotten what he really wanted out of Claire all along; a promise from her not to turn him in, which he got.How can so many people be so naive or willfully stupid as to miss that?Also, if Doug wanted to redeem himself, he would've come forward, served his time, and after a prison term, found honest ways to raise the funding for the renovation for the C-Town hockey rink himself, instead of using Claire Keesey as a go-between. Doug wasn't a nice guy…even to Claire, even though most people firmly believe he was. The fact that he deceived, seduced her and made a total fool out of her was vicious. The fact that Claire acted like a poor, confused, dumb-assed adolescent and allowed herself to be manipulated, made a fool out of and taken advantage of by Doug is pitiful, but she doesn't deserve pity, due to the fact that she helped the very guy who turned her life upside down and caused her grief in the first place escape the law. As for Kristina, well, I don't like her sordid lifestyle or behavior (drug and alcohol addiction, sleeping around with too many men, and the fact that she was in the business herself by helping to book hotel rooms and get costumes for Doug and his men, and being a drug mule for Fergie and Rusty), but i'll say this: I feel sorry for Krista, in a way, because she had far fewer choices than Claire; she'd grown up with Doug and Jem, who, like many other men, abused and exploited her for their own ends. Krista's daughter, Shyne, still an infant, caught in the middle of all this shit, was innocent, and I felt sorry for her, too.

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