How To Get your Wife To Play Video Games = Xbox Kinect

Images courtesy of Microsoft

Ahhhh, getting your wife to participate in playing any video game can be a tall task if she is not geeky like you. Long gone are the days when my wife used to play such classics as Road Rash, Soul Blade, Street Fighter, and Resident Evil 1. A shoe in method of accomplishing this feat is with group games such as Rock Band and Sing Star. Like most couples we were doing some holiday shopping in Best Buy and my wife saw the Xbox Kinect. Present was a Xbox representative however,  no participants for this new marvel.
Enter Marilyn – Best Buy Kinect Tester.
I took a video of her dancing skills with my Iphone.

Follow the link below to watch the video in high quality on my facebook page.
Oh, while you are there you can “like” my page.

Also, since my wife was responsible for this post, please give her awesome blog a visit too.


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