Repost – Review: Vestax Typhoon

Photos and videos courtesy of Vestax,, and YouTube

Since this product has drawn the most traffic on my blog I have decided to repost the review I did a few months ago for the upcoming holiday. This would a great gift for the music lover or aspiring DJ in your life. 

Vestax has once again released a new MIDI controller for DJ’s called the Vestax Typhoon. This unit is perfect for the beginner DJ’s who are interested in mixing, want something compact, and are on a tight budget (retailing at 299.99) The jog wheels are made of a light metal and the rest of the unit is constructed of a polymer plastic. The unit is set up as a perfect two channel mixing device. Setup is said to be extremely easy. The unit also has a built in sound card with main outs that can be run from the rear. So, once a USB cable is connected to a computer with Tractor LE (which is included) and supported audio files, the unit is ready to go. The unit has the basic DJ MIDI functions such as the jog wheels, fader, effects, loop, Play/Cue/CUP buttons, and EQ. Based on reviews I have read and videos I have seen of this unit I would recommend this only for beginner DJ’s. This is not a unit for serious DJ’s or professionals as the jog wheels are great for mixing, but not good for scratching or juggling like the Vestax VCI 100 (which I use) or the Vestax VCI 300. Also, if you are a mobile DJ the unit is made of plastic so one can foresee expected damage when taken on the road.

To check out all of what Vestax has to offer, click the link below. is a great company for all your DJ needs. A link to the Vestax Typhoon sold by and a video review by the company is also provided below.


5 thoughts on “Repost – Review: Vestax Typhoon

  1. Hi Metkai, numerous reviews I have read of the Typhoon have stated that this is not a unit built for scratching. It is capable of scratching but its a unit more suited for mixing. I have not tried out this unit but I own a Vestax VCI 100 which is great for scratching.

  2. Bought the Typhoon 2 months ago. I am having a great time with it and pulling off some impressives mixes with the Tractor LE software. Setup was very easy. I am still fiddling with the drivers to get rid of distortion and some audio skipping/bleeding during playback. The Controller is also a bit "glitchy" and I would NOT recommend this to play any pro gigs/weddings etc. Might end up ending your career. The fade and Volume level controls seem to have a mind of their own and the hardware is less sturdy than a Playstation. But for the price and build in Soundcard.. cannot be beat.

  3. TYPHOON SCRATCHING: Since this comes up on many blogs Just my 2 cents. I DJ'd on Vinyl for years, this is not as accurate but just as fun. Having to cue/play then scratch takes some practice. The results are mixed. At times it is accurate and right on point. At times the platters or might be Tractor LE tends to release the cue point and you lose the scratch point. Happend about 40% of time. But I do not have the issue with Latency that others seem to blame for this.

  4. @joser201. Thanks for your detailed input about your experience with the unit. We need to get some more reviews from current owners. But just as you stated its a great unit for the price.

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