Review – AMC’s The Walking Dead

Images and Trailer Courtesy of AMC and Youtube
There’s a new show that I may dedicate my time to with the same commitment I gave to LOST. 
AMC, which brings us shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad (neither of which I watch), premiered last nights episode of the walking dead with a bang. The show is raw and puts the viewer in the seat of living in a world where zombies roam the earth. We have all seen this done in countless movies with the same typical scenario, storyline, and ending, but how would this same concept work within a TV series? Whoever came up with this idea of making a TV show about survival in this type of environment……Genius.
The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series of the same name developed by Robert Kirkman, and the TV show is directed by Frank Darabont who also directed The Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile and produced by Gale Anne Hurd who also produced Aliens and The Terminator. The show is based on a Georgia deputy named Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, who awakens in his hospital bed out of a coma which was brought on by a gunshot wound. 
Grimes quickly learns that the world has changed dramatically for the worse. His life is saved by two humans. Morgan, played by Lenny James of “Snatch” and “Sahara” fame and his son Duane played by Adrian Kali Turner. Morgan nurses Grimes back on his feet and explains that zombies now roam the Earth, however groups of humans are still alive fighting for survival.
I see this show having a great following not just based on its storyline, but because of the intriguing plot, action, drama, and suspense. The show is gruesome, bloody, and poignant all in one. In one scene Morgan decides that its time to put his wife out of her misery as she is a member of the newly walking dead. The scene puts the viewer in that “what would you do” seat. Watching Morgan make that tough decision was gripping to watch.
Not being a big zombie movie fan myself I think this show is great, fresh and new. The acting is good (including the zombie acting, lol), the settings and environments are very realistic, and the quality of this program is top notch. I highly recommend giving this show a watch. At least view the pilot and let me know what you think.
The trailer for the pilot is attached below.

3 thoughts on “Review – AMC’s The Walking Dead

  1. This show is an absolute must. I read the first 30 comics or so and this only gets better. One big mistake that many people make when looking at a show like this one is think right away that is a horror series. Though is not too far from it, this show is about people first. is about the relationship of the survivors, and the interactions with the new found condition. It is about survival horror, but is so much more as well. This show and Heart of Darkness have a lot in common. The big question in the show becomes; Who are the walking dead? I too will be watching it until Zombies jump the tank.

  2. This show is great but Breaking Bad is at least 4 times as good… just so you know. You should check it out. Instant on Netflix. Bottom line though, AMC's shows are better than all others (premium channels are debatably an exception)

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