Blu Ray Review – Predators

Images courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox
Wow. How did I let this one slip by me in the theatre? Well the Blu ray more than made up for it.
Predators, directed by Robert Rodriguez is the “true” sequel to the 1987 fan favorite Predator. The movie starts with a group of humans with “special skills and affiliations” being dropped into a Jungle from the sky and not knowing how they got there. I will leave it at that, as I don’t want to spoil it for you.  The movie feels much like the original with a different twist that makes it very worthwhile to watch. Adrian Brody plays the lead role of Royce believed to be a black ops operative. Brody plays the role to a T reminiscent of Arnold and kicks about the same amount of butt in the movie. I didn’t think he could pull off the action hero role but I was impressed. Some of the other characters seem familiar also to the original. 
My favorite from the original was Billy and one character from Predators, Louis Ozawa Changchien who plays Hanzo, a yakuza gang member emulates him in a similar fashion. All I needed to see this character do is turn his head and say “We all Gonna Die!” turn around, and walk off like nothing happened to make Predators more memorable.  The Blu ray disc contains the typical Blu ray only options such as extended/ deleted scenes, director commentary, and the evolution of the species, which was pretty interesting.
This movie in my opinion is a true sequel to the original unlike the horrid Predator 2. The characters are tested the same way in a battle for survival just like in the original. I definitely recommend picking this up and added it to your library.

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