Netflix trick – RSS feeds for new releases

Image courtesy of Netflix
I love Netflix’s instant queue. However one thing I hate about it sometimes is finding something half way decent to actually watch.
With the multitude of categories to choose from I often find myself ending up looking at the same good and bad offerings the site has to offer.
Enter the RSS feed for new releases. Just with a click of the link below it will show you new releases added to the site. This includes odd categories of films, classics, TV shows, and blockbusters.
If you are a member of Netflix I highly recommend adding this link to your favorites.


These old feeds don’t seem to work anymore. I currently use InstantWatcher instead. Link is below.


2 thoughts on “Netflix trick – RSS feeds for new releases

  1. Truly the watch instantly queue is not as versatile as anyone would want it. but it is getting better every week. ever since Apple TV launched they have more and more titles available each week. yes most are the kind of movies we would not rent for a dollar. but for a father of two boys Netflix has been a time and money saving machine. No longer do I have to spend time in line at the 7-eleven waiting for someone to go over every option in red box only to pick the first movie they saw. no longer do I have to come back home and say "sorry they did not have the one you wanted but here is another sponge-bob movie" so for what is worth $8.99 is well worth it. and I did not even mention all the TV shows and the now assessable HD content via PS3.

  2. Good comment Pedro. I try to tell people all the time that the 9.00 bucks per month is a steal. Most of my TV viewing is no longer the TV with the exception of Hawaii 5-OEverything else is a majority of Netflix.

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