Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

Images Courtesy of Warner Brothers and MGM

There is one movie that brings back fond memories of my childhood.
Clash of the Titans was the last movie I saw in the cinema before leaving London and moving to the U.S.
At the time I thought this movie was epic. Even though it had a distinct scent of cheesiness, I could still watch the original today. I have yet to see the remake but based on reviews from peers and the net it may not be worth it. I have not heard anyone say that the remake was any good and cannot relate a review from anyone who has not seen the original. I’ve heard the 3-D is a waste and that Perseus’ right hand sidekick, Bubo the owl does not even talk much less advise and guide Perseus like in the original.
Have the gods gone mad?? Could this be another remake gone wrong??
I will wait for the DVD release and then judge.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

  1. The original was great. Yes it was cheese but had all the elements of a good heroic movie. the new movie was awful, the story lacks a good plot. there is no connection to hero or villain. everyone seems to be doing what they are doing out of spite or because they ahve nothing better to do. the original at least had a quasi love story. in this movie Perseus is an idiot who has been given a power he has no clue what to do with. the god are also idiots. Actually pretty much everyone but the girl are idiots. My favorite part was Medusa and still in comparison to any other Medusa is lacked story. overall this movie is unwatchable for anyone who likes any resemblance to story recommendation is to watch anything else available that day. really anything else. Even Fonz jumping a shark tank is better.

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