Fit For a King Car Spotlight – The Conquest Knight XV

Photos courtesy of Conquest Vehicles and DUB magazine.
America the land of Robust large gas guzzling vehicles. If you are considering a monstrosity on wheels or just want to prepare for 28 days later, Enter the Conquest Knight XV from Conquest vehicles. The vehicle is clearly built for the elite at a whopping 489,000.00 starting price tag. This SUV vehicle is fully armored with a 6.8 litre V-10 with 400 HP and 500 ft lbs. of torque that runs on bio fuel. Just a few of the additional features are, Leather 6 way conference and cabin seating, night vision cameras, armored glass, and mounted laptop stations for rear passengers. This puppy has a curb weight of 13,000 pounds. Dwight Howard is the first NBA player to snag one of these bad boys up. A full article is featured in DUBS magazine. Links listed below are for the Conquest Vehicles main website, and the Dwight Howard article at the DUBS magazine website.

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