Netflix Review – Dexter

Image courtesy of Showtime Networks
Showtime Networks has had a hit show along the ranks of “Weeds” for a few years now called Dexter. After getting my five seasons of “Weeds” fix I decided to give Dexter a viewing. Dexter is based on the novel by Jeff Lindsey titled “Darkly Dreaming Dexter.”
The main character Dexter Morgan played by Michael C. Hall is an expert blood spatter technician for the Miami police department. Dexter’s character is well mannered, humble, intelligent, and tries not to bring attention to himself while interacting with others in his normal life. However, on his own twisted time he is a meticulous serial killer that preys on those that prey on others.
The show brilliantly brings you into the mind of an Everyday Joe who is a serial killer on the side. As Dexter narrates, the viewer is synched in with his daily activities, thoughts, and interactions with other characters on the show, which draws the viewer in even more. Dexter is a show that is different, disturbing, humorous, intriguing, dark, and very original. If you have a Netflix account give Dexter a whirl. Seasons one and two are available for instant streaming.

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