Blu Ray review – Kick-Ass

Images and trailer courtesy of Lionsgate, YouTube, and IGN

I’m the type of individual that rarely buys DVD’s let alone a Blu Ray disc unless it’s a good deal or a well worthy movie. The last Blu-Ray I bought was 300. However for some reason I saw Kick Ass in Best Buy and after countless mixed reviews I decided to pick it up. And what a great spontaneous buying decision it was.

Some people that have seen Kick Ass are not going to like this review and others will love it. The story of Kick Ass is based on the premise of an everyday Joe that becomes a costumed crime fighter in the real world of today. Kick Ass is based on a comic book written by talent Mark Miller.

“Kick Ass” Dave Lizewski played by Aaron Johnson is a high school student that possesses no super powers of any kind. Just a suit and two batons, is an avid comic book reader, nerd, and believes he can make a difference with no idea of what he is getting himself into. Kick Ass then teams up with a young school girl “Hit Girl” Mindy Macready played by Chloe Grace Moretz.

Her father “Big Daddy” Damon Macready is played by Nicholas Cage, a framed ex cop who has trained his eleven year old daughter to be a uber killing machine.
Mark Strong from Sherlock Holmes fame plays Crime boss Frank D’Amico and always nerdy but cool Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Superbad fame plays Frank D’Amico’s son Chris D’Amico and alter ego “Red Mist.”
This movie in my opinion was an epic sleeper hit. What made the movie great was its unexpectedness, ultra violence, and witty humor. (What other movie can you see an 11 year old girl drop one liners including MF’s, Douche bags, and the C-bomb all at once while beating, slicing, and taunting 10-15 armed adults at the same time.) Also at times the main character reminded me of Magnum P.I. Not for his moustache, Ferrari, or Higgins, but because Magnum P.I. always was getting beat up or hurt. That’s what made Magnum P.I. a great show for me because it seemed real. The main character Kick Ass gets beat up so often in the film that “Big Daddy” Nicholas Cage calls him “Ass-Kick” often in the film in a weird sort of Adam West “Batman” voice that he uses.
Folks, this movie is so messed up and wrong that it’s characters and content grow on you. You will want to continue to watch more just to see what is going to happen next. I highly recommend purchasing, borrowing, or renting this movie.  Some will like it, others will hate it.
Check out a trailer of some “Hit Girl” carnage and comedy below.
This Trailer is Rated M

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