Blu Ray Review – The Wolfman

Photos and video courtesy of Universal.

The Wolfman (2010) got a bad rap. As always, I have to see things for myself as I don’t always trust the biased opinion of others and movie reviewers. After seeing a multitude of movies with werewolves such as, The original Wolfman, The Howling, An American Werewolf in London, Teen Wolf (ha ha) and the recent Underworld saga I thought this remake of The Wolfman was well done. The Wolfman plays more true to the original than the more recent werewolf films that have come out. This is where I think all the bad reviews may be stemming from with a comparison to the films described above with the exception of the original Wolfman movie.

The story stars Benicio Del Toro as Laurence Talbot, a man who has distanced himself from his family and is brought back to them once he hears of his brothers murder from his brothers fiance, Gwen Conliffe which is played by Emily Blunt.

Talbot returns to his fathers home. Sir John Talbot is played by Anthony Hopkins. Laurence joins the search for his brothers murderer and finds out that someone or something is killing people in the forest around his hometown of Blackmoor.

This film in my opinion was great. I thought all the acting was well done. There are scenes present were you can feel Benicio Del Toro’s fear, and there other scenes where Anthony Hopkins is a mastermind. Look for the scene where Anthony Hopkins runs into Emily Blunt on the stairs. My wife and I watched it over and over. It is truly well acted out. Hugo Weaving makes an appearance as Scotland Yard Inspector Aberline, sent out to investigate the murders. (No matter what movie Hugo Weaving appears I always associate his speech with Agent Smith.)

Even though the reviews were terrible I highly recommend that you pick this up on blu ray. The disk is loaded with tons of bonus features and includes the Original Wolfman movie as a bonus.

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