"LOST" I’m going to miss you……. "Tear"

Photos Courtesy of ABC, Lost forums, and Squidoo

After countless hours of theorizing, debates with coworkers, friends, and family, the only show I have ever comitted 6 seasons to will soon come to an end. How will the brilliant minds of Abrams, Lieber, Lindelof, and Cuse answer our questions and end the show? One hopes after six seasons the writers do not pull a “Tony Soprano.” I cant lie I will miss the show. At least I still have Top Gear, Fringe, V, and Flash Forward to watch but nothing will ever be like LOST.
What are your theories on the show and how do you think it will end?

One thought on “"LOST" I’m going to miss you……. "Tear"

  1. yes, very interesting ieendd. I am waiting for season 3 to start here but in the meantime I am watching season 1 and 2 again. Apparently, there are more things to learn from them. Things that were missed but linked to season 3 and the development of the characters. Also the inter-development of the characters.If you have noticed, they have all crossed paths before. Some of them were living in the same area. Remember Boone in the Police station? And Sawyer is being booked for something? I wonder what he was being booked for.Desmond and Jack lived in the same area, that was where they met first. Hugo and Libby as they were in the same ward.Noticed that that Australian who Kate was working for had only one hand? Similar to the dude in the video? I think there might be link there.Some other things appear too. Try and look at shots where they are tvs and try to observe what is on them. Apparently Hugo was winning the lottery when Sun was watching tv and one point. Though, I did read this somewhere and need to check it out myself!The numbers also appear either together or in sets all over the place. I think that these are like subtle clues and their purpose will be revealed in the coming seasons. For example the numbers on Hugo’s dashboard when his engine died.Ok, that’s my contribution.Can’t wait for season 3!

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