Apple’s IPAD. Is it worth it?

Photo courtesy of Apple

Apple release of the Ipad is coming shortly. Although it is a technological wonder as most of Apple’s products is it really worth the money. For an avid macbook user like myself…no. But as stated by one of my coworkers David Ford, the Ipad would be the perfect product for him as he is neither an owner of a laptop, net book, and has no intentions of doing any thing that would require a heavy computer requirement. An Ipad would be for a user of general browsing and media usage.
I’m sure that once the device is launched however that it will be hacked to the degree of the Iphone when it was released allowing user to do just about anything you could on a regular computer. I do like the option of drive sizes and 3G options available, but what about the pricing? What are your thoughts and most importantly are you going to get one?

Attached below is a link to a review of the product courtesy of CNET.

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